Empowering Women in Sailing: Shyka’s story of growth from Intern to Manager

Shyka Luckie-Hannays joined our Women at the Helm Internship program in 2023 and became a great addition to our shorebased team permanently – now she is our Assistant Base and Outreach Manager. Shyka: “I started my internship with no previous sailing knowledge. I was very nervous walking into my first sailing course, there was no […]

RYA Powerboat Level1 and 2, ADOMS Boatmaster Grades 1, 2 or 3… what is the difference?

We often get asked about different levels between courses and it can get confusing… RYA PowerboatRYA Powerboat Level 2 certification courses are primarily designed for recreational boaters and allow you to skipper your own boat or take out/charter a powerboat locally or on vacation, and you can obtain an International Certificate of Competence with your […]

Caribbean female sailing – meeting with 59° North, NSA, ASW and Second Star Sailing!

Second Star Sailing in collaboration with Antigua Sailing Week and the National Sailing Academy is happy to welcome Farr 65 Falken and 59° North to Antigua and host an event with the Antigua Yacht Club Marina‘s support to encourage more girls and women to get involved in sailing. On Saturday 23rd March at 2pm, all girls and women are invited to a […]

Personal experience: What is the Yachtmaster Exam all about?

What is the Yachtmaster Exam all about? Simply put – the exam is your opportunity to demonstrate that you as skipper actually know what to do when things come up while running a cruising sailboat. Because – as they say s- – t happens! Perhaps you may have been sailing for your whole life or […]

Why take your Yachtmaster Preparation course and Exam in the Caribbean?

So, you are thinking about taking your RYA Yachtmaster Offshore preparation course and exam to obtain one of the most prestigious sailing qualifications in the world, and now you are deciding where to take it? Consider coming to the Caribbean, specifically here in Antigua and Barbuda, as a unique alternative experience: we have sunshine, wonderful […]

Commercial Endorsement

What is a Commercial Endorsement?  Do you really need it? And if so, how do you get it? As the RYA explains, a commercial endorsement is required to work on board British flagged vessels subject to the MCA’s codes of practice for small commercial vessels.  So yes, if you want to work on a red ensign vessel, […]

RYA Certification and jobs in sailing

One of the things that we often hear from our students after they have just completed their first sailing course is this: “This is amazing! I love sailing, I want to get a job working on a boat!  What can I do? Where can I work? What kind of experience is needed? What qualifications should […]