Empowering Women in Sailing: Shyka’s story of growth from Intern to Manager

Shyka Luckie-Hannays joined our Women at the Helm Internship program in 2023 and became a great addition to our shorebased team permanently – now she is our Assistant Base and Outreach Manager.

Shyka: “I started my internship with no previous sailing knowledge. I was very nervous walking into my first sailing course, there was no need for that anxiety! My instructor was exceptional and my fellow course mates very supportive. We have created a very strong bond.

The staff of the Second Star Sailing School have taught me all they could, based on their specialty within the organization. I have learnt to prepare the yachts for upcoming courses, take care of clients on charters, maintain school’s records, and assist in the smooth running of the administrative arm of the school. I participated in this year’s Antigua Sailing Week Races and fell in love with sailing racing. I am looking forward to training more for racing and next year’s races. And You could be part of our team!”

Besides helping our Base Managers and being involved in other everyday activities, Shyka is closely involved in the work with local communities – the Outreach Projects. It involves connecting with local schools and planting the seed of keelboat sailing possibilities. Reaching to other female focused organizations and working on different collaboration opportunities towards a more empowering future in the marine industry.

Shyka: “I have been able to interact with students and share how the school can provide alternative career path. We have hosted some students in the office, and they got involved in basic sailing and rope knots activities. It was great working alongside the entire team to bring this to fruition. This Internship program will require you to design and execute an outreach program or choose to enhance the ones we have already established. You will be joining a team that believes you are capable of greatness and will help you to figure out which areas of the industry you are best suited for. The goal is to ensure that women are trained and included in marine careers. You can be part of our team, do apply!”

Shyka Luckie-Hannays 2023-2024 Intern now Assistant Base and Outreach Manager – Second Star Sailing School Antigua

Are you a female from Antigua and Barbuda seeking to join the sailing industry? Are you inspired by Shyka’s journey as much as we are? APPLY NOW – applications for the next round of Women at the Helm Internship program in Antigua and Barbuda are open! For more info CLICK HERE!