Meet our sailboats!

At the Caribbean base, you will have chance to sail on Hatha Maris, Blue Moon or Surya Noctis. Each vessel has its own charm, character, and handling quirks — no two boats are the same. But rest assured, all of them meet RYA standards for teaching and are inspected annually to ensure they’re shipshape. While […]

A Journey with the Women at the Helm Internship Program

Attieke brought fresh energy to the school’s local marketing process, drawing on skills from her other roles to become a valued member of the school’s team. By season’s end, she was an essential part of Antigua Sailing Week’s crew, proving that dedication and adaptability can open new doors! Greetings to all aspiring maritime enthusiasts in […]

Choosing your anchorage

Choosing your Anchorage:  the setting, the weather, & the other boats  Think about what you are planning on doing while at anchor, and choose a location that will suit you during all your activities (swimming, going ashore, sleeping comfortably) Lee Shore Think about your lee shore. Make sure you have the right distance from it.  Seabed: Look […]

How to get to our school office in Antigua?

Going to Second Star Sailing school office in Antigua  Our school’s office is located in a new building, a little past Jolly Harbour Customs and Immigration office, right next to Al Porto Restaurant. You can easily search for the school on Google Maps and it will take you directly to us. The school and boats […]