The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the British national body for all forms of boating under power or sail. The RYA’s programs provide individuals with all levels of training up to its globally recognized professional qualifications.

Sailing courses start from practical Competent Crew – your first introduction to sailing, up to advanced levels such as the Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence, which can be commercially endorsed by the MCA. Shorebased theory courses cover VHF/SRC, First Aid, Essential Navigation up to to Yachtmaster Ocean. All RYA programs and courses are held in English.


Learn to sail – from daysails to weekends, or the full RYA Sail Cruising Programme.  Dedicated instructors and skippers who love to share their experience, and will help you enjoy the sea and improve your skills at every level.  Itineraries are specially designed to enjoy Italy -and Tuscany in particular- as active sailing and fun vacation.  We also offer private classes, workshops, bespoke programs and charters.

Our calendar will give you options in LIGHT BLUE  for RYA Cruising classes, in DARK BLUE for RYA Yachtmaster courses,  in RED/ORANGE for Specialist courses, and GREEN for Itineraries & Events.

Courses for Women & Learning Cruises

We offer many opportunities to mix it up and learn in different environment, from courses designed for women to learning cruises that help you explore the Italian countryside, the coast, and the islands.

Our women-only events range from RYA courses to fun learning cruises, or you can join us as an individual, group of friends or a family to take advantage of all that Tuscany has to offer.
Traveling around the Archipelago with our local skippers, from Cinque Terre in the north to Argentario in the south, we can provide fantastic access to the islands.  These trips can be as active as you wish – from the option to relax and be sailed over to Elba Island, to hiking in the hills of Lucca or biking the Via del Vino in Maremma, the choice is yours!


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The Royal Yachting Association (RYA), is the British nautical association providing globally recognized training programs and both personal and professional Certificates of Competence.


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The Port of Pisa hosts and provides ample technical support to Second Star Sailing among its newly constructed 354 berths.  The pedestrian friendly marina is situated in the heart of Tuscany, close to the Pisa Airport, the Apuane Alps, and accessible to Florence by train.
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