Skills – Astronomical Navigation


Learn the basics of Astro navigation

This is a special double workshop, with one session in the morning and one on a following evening- close to a full moon.   The first is  two and a half hours, with the nighttime one to be determined by the class. 

It is a hands-on workshop and will cover these topics:

  • Basic introduction to Astronomical Navigation
  • Main constellations of the northern hemisphere
  • Use and care of the Sextant
  • Basic calculation of Lat/Long with the sextant
  • Noon Sight with the Sextant

The night outing will be during a full moon evening to take a full moon sight with the sextant. This will be organized and scheduled by the participants (possibly preceded or followed by a good bbq!)

Included Sextants – both plastic and brass versions, sight reduction forms, current astronomical almanacs, any other teaching material
Duration 2x- 3 hour workshops
Bring along  Notebook, paper, caffeine or sugar if you fall asleep early at night!
Price 100,00 USD per 3 hour workshop, or 175,00 USD for both days