Own Boat training


At Second Star Sailing, we aim to provide you with a wide variety of options to further your sailing experience. 

Improving your skills or going for a full RYA recognised training course on your own vessel so you are able to directly apply the training to the boat that you will be using most – your own!

This can include running either RYA Sail Cruising or RYA Powerboat courses on your own boat. 

It is up to you to choose: it could be a refresher course, a more advanced RYA certification, or a whole new area of boating, if, for example, you have always been a powerboater and now you find yourself on your first sailboat with way too many lines to handle and possibly no engine!

Whether you have just purchased a new boat and need to upgrade your training to match your new vessel, or are keen to try new tricks with your existing boat, or simply feel a little bit rusty, we can help you learn or improve your skills in the comfort of your own surroundings.

We often have requests from boat owners for courses run at a slower pace than our standard courses, and that is also an option! Just adding a few days into the program so that we can cover the RYA syllabus while giving you time to enjoy your boat and your surroundings is a great change to the standard five day course!

Generally we can arrange for our instructors to come to your boat’s location.  We will check with you in advance that your boat has the necessary safety equipment on board as we can only conduct training on vessels that are properly equipped – we can help with details of what is required.

Wherever you and your boat are located, our instructors can be available for bespoke training.  Just give us a call and we can talk you through the options.  

Own Boat Training is available in Antigua and in Italy.


As part of our Women at the Helm program, we also provide the opportunity for women to learn alongside their partners.

Our tailored sessions are designed for partners seeking to refine their teamwork dynamics, particularly in areas like boat handling and docking — common stress points for many.  During the training we specialize in working with couples who just need a bit of fine-tuning to enhance their onboard collaboration to make future sailing as enjoyable as possible.

We offer one-day or two-day workshops aimed at improving docking techniques and Man Overboard manoeuvres, providing a targeted solution for couples seeking specific enhancements in their on-board teamwork and communication.

These sessions are flexible and can be held on your personal sailboat, whether it’s a smaller monohull or a larger catamaran, or you can join us aboard one of our vessels for practical instructional experiences.

Moreover, whether you sail double-handed or as part of a larger crew, we’re here to help you address scenarios involving emergencies. Our goal is to ensure everyone is equipped to perform at their best in critical situations, if they ever about to happen.

These special sessions, unless requested otherwise, are usually led by one of our amazing female instructors.

Included RYA certified instructor (Sail or Powerboat)

Teaching materials

Not included Food provisioning

Boat for the training

Fuel and marina costs

Duration On demand
Price On demand
Duration On demand