Mile Builders


From our base in Jolly Harbour, we offer a variety of Mile Building trips for those who want to brush up on their skills or take their sailing to the next level.  Whether it is to enjoy sailing along the Leeward Island chain, or to build miles towards qualifications, we have options for you.  From deliveries, RYA courses, or offshore regattas such as the RORC 600 Caribbean or even the Rolex Middle Sea Race from our Italian base… basically all the way from 100 mile legs to a Transatlantic Crossing. 

Mileage Builder Experiences:

Our Caribbean Mile Builders give you the opportunity to either island hop building skills gradually or have a “straight shot” blue water sailing experience.   Some local examples include:

Antigua Circumnavigation – The best way to take in the variety of coastlines, beaches, bays and harbours that make Antigua famous.

  • As a cruise this can take between 4-7 days, depending on how long you choose to linger in each individually stunning island location, including Deep Bay, Great Bird Island, Green Bay, Nelson’s Dockyard, Falmouth, Carlisle Bay and Five Islands Bay.
  • As a mileage builder, we sail around the island in one day, choosing the direction depending on the weather to maximise the miles in a shorter period of time.  All while still taking in the views!

Discover Barbuda – This lovely cruise takes you to the secluded island of Barbuda, its 5 mile long white beach, frigate bird sanctuary and stunning reefs. 

  • Sailing from our base in Antigua, we sail across to Barbuda one day, then spend 4-5 days relaxing at anchor, enjoying the beauty of the island. When sailing back we can choose to return directly to base or round the island of Antigua on the way home.
  • As a Mileage Builder, we sail to Barbuda early in the morning, then sail around the east side of the island later that day, returning to the west coast of the island by the next morning to have breakfast on the protected side and a swim along one of its magnificent beaches.  Replenished, we sail back to our base going around Antigua as well – to add to the total miles for the trip.

We have Mile Builders that cater to a range of skill levels, our goal is to ensure everyone on board has an enjoyable time and leaves being a little more skilled. To this end, we always an experienced professional skipper – often an instructor -onboard 

Join us for one of these exciting options! 

Included Safety equipment 

Accomodation on board in a shared cabin

Sheets, pillow cover, quick dry towel

Docking fees 

Fuel and water 

Didactic materials

RYA Certificate

Not included Food provisioning to share with other students

Transport from and to the school

Duration On demand
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Minimum of 3 Students – Maximum of 5 Students

On demand