Women at the Helm Internship – meet our interns!

Meet our Interns – Gilly and Ryanne! 

Last year we launched the Women at the Helm Internship program for local Antiguan females to join our team and get the first experience in the sailing industry. In addition to everyday jobs around the base and boats, Gilly and Ryanna are taking RYA theory and practical sailing courses with our students. 

We believe that a combination of broad skillset like sailing school management, sailboat and powerboat maintenance, and practical training in sailing will serve as a sustainable base for starting their independent careers in sailing or yachting in Antigua. 

Ryanne Small

Being obsessed with the ocean all my life, made it easier for the career path I have chosen at a young age. Starting dinghy sailing at age 9 with the National Sailing Academy, was love at first sight. I stopped at the age of 11 to pursue a career in track and field, short lived when I finished high school.  Being a recent college graduate with a degree in social sciences, life was at a stand still. That’s until I started working on a sailboat in Jolly Harbour, everything started to fall into place and being fairly young I am truly excited to start this new journey. Doing this internship will help tremendously with a strong guide for my career path and also help to build my confidence.

Giliana Matthias

After learning of her fathers demise at  sea, Giliana embarked on a journey solely to pay tribute to him through sailing. Since then her appetite has enlarged and cannot be completely satiated.  Giliana is  willing to gain from the internship the skills to become a competent “shefarer” ;  camaraderie and to be part of the only community in Antigua that focuses and fosters female empowerment in the sailing industry. Lastly, her ambition is to be the fuel that propels other females to their fullest potential in the industry. One fact about Giliana, also known as Gilly, is she never misses an opportunity to make you smile! 

Smily Gilly on the RYA Competent Crew course
Ryanne at the helm during Antigua Sailing Week