What to expect from a Yachtmaster Prep Week and Exam

A Yachtmaster Prep Week is meant to assist you in brushing up your skills before the Yachtmaster Exam. At Second Star Sailing, our Prep Week starts with an assessment day when the instructor will gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Then we adjust the coaching and training to be tailor-made to each candidate’s specific needs and […]

Personal experience: What is the Yachtmaster Exam all about?

What is the Yachtmaster Exam all about? Simply put – the exam is your opportunity to demonstrate that you as skipper actually know what to do when things come up while running a cruising sailboat. Because – as they say s- – t happens! Perhaps you may have been sailing for your whole life or […]

Why take your Yachtmaster Preparation course and Exam in the Caribbean?

So, you are thinking about taking your RYA Yachtmaster Offshore preparation course and exam to obtain one of the most prestigious sailing qualifications in the world, and now you are deciding where to take it? Consider coming to the Caribbean, specifically here in Antigua and Barbuda, as a unique alternative experience: we have sunshine, wonderful […]