Our Sailing & Yoga Rejuvenation weeks include time spent both on land and time on the water, with daily yoga practices, sailing, and exploring the coast of Tuscany.


We begin on land with a daily morning Asana – posture practice to reach for strength and stability while working on your physical body, followed by Pranayama – breathing exercises to help reach a better emotional balance. A periodic Meditation practice will put you in touch with a more complete balance encompassing all aspects of your being.   There will also be an evening practice, which will help you release any accumulated tension during the day or relieve sore muscles obtained while hiking or engaging in other activities.

The practices might include Vinyasa style or maybe “warm” yoga (which is easy in Italy in the summer!) style movement and Hatha or Yin Yoga practices depending on the students and the progression of the week.  Every posture or practice can be modified to suit you better by our certified teachers – keeping it sufficiently challenging to move you forward towards optimal balance.


We then take the practice on board, and go sailing for two days, where we are able to use the skills we are acquiring to adapt to an environment which is literally moving and shifting under us.  The patience and focus skills we have acquired the first few days will also be used in improving our sailing as the boat cruises up toward Cinqueterre, where we can delight in the amazing coastline, bask in the sunset and fishing villages and keep practicing.  At least one full daily practice will be on board and one will be on shore.  For balance.

After gaining more experience on ship, we return to the Agriturismo for a celebratory meal.  And then maybe some well deserved Yoga Nidra- yogic sleep.

Please note:

We also offer daily yoga practices during selected sailing trips.  We also have week-long Yoga and Sailing adventures – please ask us.

Asanas -yoga postures- are practiced on the beach or onshore, as well as meditation and special movement sessions on board, which can all be tailored to your level by our skilled, certified teachers.