Duration: 9 days Theory & Sailing Prep + Exam

The Yachtmaster Coastal Intensive prepares experienced sailors for the Yachtmaster Coastal Exam.  This preparation course is held over a period of 9 consecutive days on board, with daytime and night time navigation, as well as theory sessions to cover the entire Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory syllabus.
During the course we review your existing sailing experience while developing additional skills to manage the vessel using RYA principles and practices to the appropriate level of competence.  Areas covered include but are not limited to: sailing of the vessel in different weather conditions, Man Over Board exercises, safety and emergency procedures, leadership and management of the crew, provisioning, navigation exercises such as blind navigation and passage planning, a review of the functioning of the diesel engine, and other situations one might encounter as a skipper.
As a combined course we constantly review theoretical concepts such the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea, communications, navigation and terminology.

Our practical RYA courses are restricted to a maximum of 5 students on board per each instructor – both for safety and to allow more time for exercises and manoeuvres and personalized attention from the instructor for each student.  This course, as all RYA courses, is held in English.

Normally the courses are held from Saturday at 9:00am to the following Sunday at 5:00pm, with some modifications during holiday/vacation periods.
After the 9 day preparation period, there will usually be a one or two day break off the boat (unless you choose the option to board with us), during which the candidates work on theory review and finalizing their passage plan.  This is then followed by the practical Yachtmaster Coastal Exam we will have arranged with the external RYA Examiner.  For details on the exam, see below.

The exams are held at sea and last a minimum of 6-8 hours per Yachtmaster Coastal candidate (depending on the number of candidates) with a maximum of 4 candidates over two days.  The exams verify the competence, skills and experience of the candidate, the ability of the candidate to truly skipper the vessel in varied situations, as well as general knowledge and specific knowledge such as meteorology and IRPCS.  Yachtmaster Coastal Exams are held in English.

The RYA examiner will usually request a complete passage plan to be prepared  by the candidate, which will be presented and explained during the exam. The data and details of the passage plan are communicated to the candidate prior to the exam, usually the week prior to the exam.
The RYA examiner will verify the candidate’s forms, logbook and certificates, and collect payment for the exam fees – 181£ for Yachtmaster Coastal Exam.  These payments are made directly to the RYA via the examiner the day of the test, via debit or credit card, POS, or proof of wire transfer.

The list price for our Yachtmaster Coastal Intensive course + Exam includes:  9 days on board in shared accommodations,  planned mooring fees, fuel, RYA certified instructor, all safety gear, didactic packets, access to all relevant reference materials, certificates.  The price also includes the use of the vessel during the exam, and organizing the presence of the RYA examiner.

Prerequisites for the Yachtmaster Offshore Exam:

  • 2,500 Nautical Miles of which 1,250 in tidal waters
  • 5 passages of more than 60 miles of which 2 as skipper
  • 2 nighttime passages
  • 50 days at sea
  • SRC/VHF Radio Certification-
  • First Aid Certification within the last two years

You have the option to sleep on one of our other boats in a private cabin for 25€ per night while we are in our home Port in Marina di Pisa.  While we are sailing in other ports or areas we require you stay on board.  Should you be interest in this option, please let us know.

Once you have obtained your Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence you can request the Commercial Endorsement.   We can help you with the process and provide the Professional Practices & Responsibilities course which is one of the requirements.



Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence:

During the last 10 years:

• 800 Nautical miles, of which 400 in tidal waters
• 2 days as skipper
• 12 hours of night navigation
• 30 days at sea
• SRC/VHF Radio Certificate
• First Aid (RYA accepted) during the last two years.

If you have a Yachtmaster Coastal Practical certificate:

• 400 Nautical miles, of which 200 in tidal waters
• 2 days as skipper
• 12 hours of nighttime navigation
• 20 days at sea
• SRC/VHF Radio Certificate
• First Aid (RYA accepted) during the last two years

Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence

Completed during the last 10 years:

• 2,500 Nautical miles, of which 1,250 in tidal waters
• 5 passages of over 60 miles, of which 2 as skipper
• 2 night passages
• 50 days at sea
• SRC/VHF Radio Certificate
• First Aid (RYA accepted) during the last two years.

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