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The crew

Lyssandra Barbieri
Lyssandra Barbieri
Lyssandra kept one foot on land and one in the water for as long as possible, then finally sailed the high seas, traveling to New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, California, a couple of islands in the Pacific, and a little everywhere in the Mediterranean. Principal Instructor of Second Star Sailing, she teaches shorebased and practical RYA courses from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster Ocean. With a steady diet of (decaf?) coffee and a little running and yoga on the side, she keeps her calm aboard at all times.
Paul Atwood
Paul Atwood
Paul is a keen offshore racer, having recently completed among others the Sydney to Hobart and the Fastnet regattas, and well as over 30,000 ocean miles in the south and north pacific, and quite a bit of other miles around the UK and the Med. A RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and RYA Cruising Instructor, he currently spends much of his time as a Training Skipper for the crews on Clipper Ventures 70’ boats. Paul is an expert Martini maker, sampler of new Rums and finding new ways to go sailing as often as possible!
Thalita Zur Werra
Thalita Zur Werra
Thalita traveled all over the world from her native Switzerland flying, cycling, hiking, diving, paddling… until sailing the ARC. It changed her life completely. She quit work, sold her furniture, and went sailing, and since then she’s been on the water anytime possible. Give her a sail boat, photo equipment and some chocolate and she is happy. She has sailed the Carribean, Antarctica and the Western Med as a cruiser or racer, and crossed the Atlantic a few times. As a treat every other day gelato is an absolute must.
“Life is like reefing, if you think about it – do it!”
Aurora Fernè
Aurora Fernè
Aurora has sailed with her family from a very young age around the Mediterranean, especially in Croatia and Greece. Growing up this turned into a passion, leading her to take part in many sailing courses from Lake Garda to Sardinia, and Brittany. As her high school years drew to a close, she started dreaming of wider horizons. This is how she found herself making her way from Greece to the Canary Islands, to then sail “across the pond”. The Atlantic was an amazing experience that made her decide that a sailing life was all she wanted. Her distinctive features are being the youngest crewmember, a wonderful singer at the helm and a huge Nutella lover.
Lapo Borghi
Lapo Borghi
Lapo has skippered his boat all along the Italian coast and the Tuscan Islands – he loves the sea in all its guises. He will ask you to smile for the camera or bust a move for the Gopro, using his 30 years of photography and sailing experience to create a fantastic new image. Expert in galley provisioning and social networks, he most enjoys helping children dive off the boat while at anchor. A big smile, and the everpresent wild boar sausages and tuscan cheeses are his secret weapons. His musts? Share and have fun!
Giovanni Arrivabene
Giovanni Arrivabene
Giovanni has helmed and navigated on some of the most beautiful boats in the world, from Olympic classes, to classic sailboats, to maxi yachts. A passion born on the Lago di Garda where his father founded FragliaVelaDesenzano, for the past 30 years he has been present at the most prestigious and challenging regattas, from the remote SORC in Florida to the Admiral’s Cup and the Fastnet to the Caribbean racing season and the exclusive MaxiRolex. An RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, he transmits his passion, technical experience and attention to detail to all his students. And obviously he loves a beautiful cruise and relaxing, especially after having celebrated another victory!
Franco Del Fabbro
Franco ha cominciato ad andare a vela da giovane, divertendosi su varie derive (Varien, Laser, Laser2). Dopo una lunga assenza dalla vela, e dopo 30 anni di lavoro in multinazionali dell’alimentare, ha mollato tutto e in breve tempo ha veleggiato per 15,000 miglia, attraversato l’atlantico da Ovest ad Est e conseguito la licenza di Yachmaster Ocean e RYA Cruising Instructor, lavoro che ora esercita a tempo pieno in giro per il Mediterraneo.
Sempre pronto ad imparare dai suoi allievi un modo nuovo per spiegare loro un concetto od una manovra, il motto che lo anima e’ ‘ aspettati al meglio, ma sii sempre preparato per il peggio’, cosa quanto mai importante per chi viaggia in mare.
Ah, e se veleggiate con lui, fate in modo che non manchi mai del formaggio a bordo….
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Sailing classes

We offer a variety of courses, from an introduction to sailing to advanced techniques, as well as all the courses in the Royal Yachting Associations’ RYA Sail Cruising scheme.  And if you are looking to learn something special, just ask!
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On the calendar you will find all kinds of options, from special offers for evening sunset sails, to a program for a series of classes, a vacation sail cruise, or a whole season of regattas…
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We will do anything to help you discover sailing and the experience of living close to the sea.  Sunsets under sail, evenings sharing stories after a good day on the water, team building  events, vacations and mini-breaks in our beautiful Tuscan Archipelago, in a flotilla with newly met friends or with your family.
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