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Level 1 – Basics Course

Duration: Two days / One Weekend

Initiation to sailing theory and sailing practice, learning about the boat and its components, from structure to sailplan. How to safely move on board and use its equipment. Introduction to points of sail: close-hauled, beam reach and broad reach. Manoeuvres such as tacking […]

Level 2 – Intermediate Sailing Course

Duration: Three days / A Long Weekend

This course helps the students to deepen their basic sailing knowledge and to begin to coordinate with other members of the crew, intensifying the exercises and the manoeuvres such as faster or closer tacks and gybes. Sail trim such as using all […]

Level 3 – Advanced Sailing Course

Duration: Five days – Two intensive weekend, one a long or holiday weekend, or a week of sail cruising

This course brings the students to lead the manoeuvres on board and to be able to start sailing the boat without assistance. Introduction to sailing along the coast, and to […]

Level 3 – Night Navigation Skills

Duration: Two evenings, including one full moon night

Night time sailing is important to refine your navigation techniques and sailing a vessel in the dark. Night safety measures, jacklines and using your personal flotation device (PFD) and its harness, how to move on board in the dark, recognizing navigation […]

During some of our courses the students are specifically at different/mixed levels, which simulates even more the reality of sailing with a diverse crew. We believe that this helps with learning how to behave in real situations, providing everyone with an experience similar to the conditions you might find aboard whilst sailing with friends and family.
If you prefer to sail with other students who are all at the same level, please ask us and we can assist you by placing you in such a class!


  • Spinnaker/Gennaker techniques and manoeuvres
  • Docking and close-quarter motoring skills
  • On board Safety
  • Regatas
  • The Diesel Engine
  • Maintenance and Repairs