Skills – Ropework


Learn (or re-learn) the basic knots, different types of materials for lines, and splicing

This two and a half hour hands-on workshop will cover these topics:

  • Rope materials and their choice
  • Basic knots such as the bowline, clove hitch, sheet bend, reef knot, stoppers, rolling hitch, sheepshank, and quite a few fancy extra ones;
  • How to maintain your sheets and halyards
  • How to cut, seal, and whip the end of a line
  • How to make an eye splice in three strand line
  • How to make an eye splice in braided line
  • How to make dyneema shackles
Included 3 lessons in the classroom

Use of materials and equipment/tools

Ropes and other consumables

Duration 3 hours or 10 hours
Participants Minimum of 3, maximum of 10
Price 150 USD per person