Skills – Berthing and Marina Manoeuvres


Learn and practice berthing and close quarters manoeuvres in different conditions 

These are two special half day practical workshops, limited to a group of 4 people each time.  Once you complete the first session in the marina, you can sign up for the session at sea, which includes mooring balls and berthing, as well as berthing solo.

The workshop and will cover these topics:

  • First half day – basic berthing & manoeuvres:
    • Introduction to berthing theory
    • Use of springs 
    • Berthing with and against the wind
    • Berthing stern-to and alongside
    • Throwing lines
    • Prop walk 
    • Close quarters manoeuvres
  • Second half day advanced manoeuvres:
    • Berthing in current/strong weather 
    • Mooring buoys
    • Berthing solo
Included Boat, docking places, lines and all other necessary equipment
Duration 2  – 3.5 hour workshops
Bring along Sailing clothes, sailing shoes
Price 150$ per 3.5 hour workshop