Meet our sailboats!

At the Caribbean base, you will have chance to sail on Hatha Maris, Blue Moon or Surya Noctis. Each vessel has its own charm, character, and handling quirks — no two boats are the same. But rest assured, all of them meet RYA standards for teaching and are inspected annually to ensure they’re shipshape. While […]

5 Reasons Why You Must Join the Next Ocean Globe Race in 2027

Written by Aurora Sillars, Youngest British Competitor of the Ocean Globe Race 2023-24, RYA Yachtmaster Offshore alumni of Second Star School The Ocean Globe Race (OGR) is a thrilling round-the-world amateur yacht race initiated in 2023 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Whitbread Race. It offers a unique experience for amateur sailors of […]

Atlantic Crossing – West to East, part 3

The psychology then. None of us hadn’t wondered how we would deal with the ‘head’ stuff. Perhaps boredom. Some thought there might be pressure and ‘angst’ from a ‘shouty’ skipper or watch leader. Cabin fever; locked on board in a confined space for weeks. I’ve talked about the people thing. Perhaps we were lucky with […]

Atlantic Crossing – West to East, part 2

There are always fixes to be made on the go. This tale takes the biscuit though. Now, for some unknown reason, the compass light failed, and after some testing, it turns out it was the bulb. A tiny LED bulb that you wouldn’t really think to take as a spare. So here’s creativity. On a […]

Atlantic Crossing – West to East on Surya Noctis

Surya Noctis (Dufour 44′) and a crew of 8 set sail from Antigua to Italy on April 15th, 2024. Leg one took us to Horta in The Azores in seventeen and three-quarter days. We didn’t really expect to be close-hauled sailing upwind for all but the last few miles, so we rapidly became used to […]

A Journey with the Women at the Helm Internship Program

Attieke brought fresh energy to the school’s local marketing process, drawing on skills from her other roles to become a valued member of the school’s team. By season’s end, she was an essential part of Antigua Sailing Week’s crew, proving that dedication and adaptability can open new doors! Greetings to all aspiring maritime enthusiasts in […]

Empowering Women in Sailing: Shyka’s story of growth from Intern to Manager

Shyka Luckie-Hannays joined our Women at the Helm Internship program in 2023 and became a great addition to our shorebased team permanently – now she is our Assistant Base and Outreach Manager. Shyka: “I started my internship with no previous sailing knowledge. I was very nervous walking into my first sailing course, there was no […]