Accommodation – FAQ

One of the top 3 questions from our students is about accommodation. So – once and for all – let’s get it sorted!

  • Do you provide accommodation?

At Second Star Sailing we don’t provide housing for our students on shore before or after the course, nor during shore-based courses – such as theory courses, workshops, Powerboat Level 2. 

  • Do I need to find accommodation if I’m taking a practical sailing course?

No, you will be staying on board for the duration of the course if you are taking practical sailing courses – from Sunday to Thursday mid-day.

  • Will I be sharing my cabin with someone?

You will be based on a sailboat – space is limited, and cabins have two berths, so double occupancy is expected. Depending on the boat, you will have double berths, bunk beds, or the option to sleep in the saloon. Yes, you might be sleeping with a stranger, but they might become your best sailing buddies by the end of the course! 

  • Can I have the whole cabin to myself?

Depending on how many bookings we already have, you can have a cabin for yourself. Please inquire for availability and pricing should you prefer single occupancy of a double cabin (it will be more expensive, as you will be taking two students’ place). Or, maybe this is a great reason to come sailing with a friend or family member – you will be sharing a cabin with someone you know, and will get a 10% discount each!

  • Do I need to find accommodation if I’m taking a theory course / Powerboat Level 2?

Yes, you will need to book accommodation for the duration of your course somewhere on shore. 

  • Is it possible to stay on board before or after my practical sailing course?

Unfortunately, no. After each course we do a deep clean of our boats, boat maintenance between the courses, and preparing the boats for the next course. 

  • Can I stay on the couch, on the floor, in a tent at the crew house?

We are happy to hear that our students are easy going – it’s a perfect mindset for a sailor! As you will see upon arrival, some of our colleagues live in the crew house, and we strongly believe they deserve an evening to relax after work in their crew-house-becomes-home, to be fresh and ready to rock and roll the next morning! 

  • Do you have any suggestions where I can find accommodation?

We don’t keep track of available options, but you can check online –, and on Google Maps. You can also try to find something on Facebook groups – Antigua Yacht Crew, etc.

  • Do you know anyone I could share accommodation with? 

We are always happy to put you in touch with your crew mates on the course – start making friends early and explore the island together! Sharing accommodation is also cheaper. 

  • Where do you recommend to stay?

During your courses we suggest staying in Jolly Harbour, so you can easily reach the boat or the classroom. There are many hotels and  Airbnbs. There is a beach, a large grocery store, bars and restaurants. This resort town is quite busy during the high season, so we suggest booking in advance.

Around 45 minutes’ drive from Jolly Harbour is Falmouth and English Harbour.  This is a vibrant and lively location with a wider variety of night life, social events, and activity. Here you may find more accommodation options in hostels and crew rooms at lower cost. Please take in mind there is no direct public transportation between English Harbour and Jolly Harbour.