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The Team: our most precious resource

We believe that our team is what makes the difference. You will sail with enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable, skilled instructors and skippers, and be supported in every way by the professionalism and dedication of the members of our team. Whether your experience is a charter, an RYA course at any level, a cruise or a regatta, we are committed to your learning while having fun on the water!


Lyssandra kept one foot on land and one in the water for as long as possible, then finally sailed the high seas, traveling to New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, California, a couple of islands in the Pacific, and a little everywhere in the Mediterranean. Principal and Chief Instructor of Second Star Sailing, she teaches shorebased and practical RYA courses from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster Ocean. With a steady diet of (decaf??? Really??) coffee, running and yoga on the side, she keeps her calm aboard at all times.


Thalita traveled all over the world from her native Switzerland flying, cycling, hiking, diving, paddling… until she found the Zero to Hero YM program and the ARC. It changed her life completely. She quit work, sold her furniture, and went sailing, and since then she’s been on the water anytime possible. Give her a sail boat, photo equipment and some chocolate and she is happy. She has sailed the Carribean, Antarctica and the Western Med as a cruiser or racer, and crossed the Atlantic a few times. As a treat every other day gelato is an absolute must. “Life is like reefing, if you think about it – do it!”


Ettore learned to helm as a child. Passing through sailing dinghies and catamarans, he discovered the attraction for blue waters at the age of twenty. Since then he has racked up a good deal of miles between regattas and cruises. RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and Cruising Instructor lives on sailing for sailing, always looking for something to learn. He loves good food on board and bloody mary on land, give him a spinnaker and he’ll be a child again.


Better late than never! Giordana, since she hit her head on the boom, has understood what her direction was. Life at sea fascinates her, the physics of sails fascinates her and this is how she has never refused an invitation to a boat and has done everything to satisfy her curiosity. She is committed to making her new passion her job so that she can continue to travel and grow professionally in this adventurous world


Margo took her first sailing classes as a way to relax from her day job, and now sailing has become her only job! Previously, a project manager of international initiative “She Sails - Empowering women to sail” in Latvia, she continues promoting female sailing through Second Star Sailing projects, such as Women at the Helm and The Internship Program for local Antiguan females in sailing. Her goal is to turn these ideas into strong and inspiring realities for any woman dreaming of sailing. Margo is the PR and marketing manager of the school, but she never misses a chance to take a sailing course, do some racing or join an Atlantic Crossing.


He grew up on the Solent hooked on speedboats and worked in the first dedicated ‘Motor Cruiser School’ until he was 18! Thinking he needed a proper job; he trained as a teacher and was then drawn into a career in sales and marketing.His conversion to sailing came in his 20s when he started sail cruising in the Solent, English Channel and Greece.He finally navigated back to his passion, leaving behind sales targets to take up teaching Sailing and Powerboating as an RYA instructor.From his Devon home on the beautiful River Dart, he takes every opportunity to get on the water, near and far, enjoying nothing more than awakening people’s love for sailing and enabling them to make their dreams a reality.He is a Sailing, Powerboat, PWC and Navigation Theory instructor.


Aurora has sailed with her family from a very young age around the Mediterranean, especially in Croatia and Greece. Growing up this turned into a passion, leading her to take part in many sailing courses from Lake Garda to Sardinia, and Brittany. As her high school years drew to a close, she started dreaming of wider horizons. This is how she found herself making her way from Greece to the Canary Islands, to then sail “across the pond”. The Atlantic was an amazing experience that made her decide that a sailing life was all she wanted. Her distinctive features are being the youngest crewmember, a wonderful singer at the helm and a huge Nutella lover.


From a young age, I have always been exposed to the sea, from swimming to even sailing. I gained more exposure to boats through my father who is a marine engineer and one day he encouraged me to do a powerboat course and I have been trying to find my way in the maritime industry since then. The Women at the Helm Program targets women in Antigua and gives such a great opportunity to learn more about the sailing industry and expose women to the many avenues within it as well. I hope that by the end of the program I will have narrowed down on which career path within the industry I wish to pursue and begin my journey to that career.


After crossing the ocean with Blue Moon, Liesbeth not only realised a dream but got hooked to join the amazing Second Star Sailing crew. Her parents made her fall in love with sailing from a young age after spending their holidays cruising around in the North sea. After graduating in yacht engineering, she moved to warmer Mediterranean waters and gained work experience in Italy. When not on a boat, she is gone kitesurfing or mountaineering. Her vices are ginger cookies and Belgian beers. Goede wind!


Lapo has skippered his boat all along the Italian coast and the Tuscan Islands – he loves the sea in all its guises. He will ask you to smile for the camera or bust a move for the Gopro, using his 30 years of photography and sailing experience to create a fantastic new image. Expert in galley provisioning and social networks, he most enjoys helping children dive off the boat while at anchor. A big smile, and the everpresent wild boar sausages and tuscan cheeses are his secret weapons. His musts? Share and have fun!


Richard Knight, YMI Sail, Powerboat, Advanced, SRC and Boat Master Instructor and a degree in Hospitality Management. A Veteran of 3 Campanian tours of Antigua since 2006, having an iternal compass bringing me back to Antigua. Former Chief instructor In the UK and Europe. Occassionaly found diving in the Big Blue and Skiing in the French alps or reading through my collection on Ian Flemming novels. “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.”


I have been in the water since infancy; I learnt to swim at a very young age. I was drawn to applying for this internship in an effort to broaden my horizons and to prove to myself that it is never too late to explore new ventures, new career paths. I hope to inspire mature Antiguan women to take that leap of faith from dreaming to living their dream. Having a degree in education and working on a masters in project management, the addition of sailing skills will sharpen my youth and community development skill set.